the next generation water softener

Combines maximum performance and efficiency in a smart compact design

The kinetico premier compact with e-max technology combines maximum performance and Eco-efficiency in a compact design for the ultimate in soft water convenience. 



Kineticos #1 selling water softener

Why should I get one?

Laundry that stays like new

If you’ve ever wondered why your towels and laundry feel hard and crusty you needn’t look very far. The culprit is hard water. If you have hard water, you need to use more detergent to clean effectively. Your washing machine cannot rinse it all out properly so it stays in your clothes making them hard and rough. Hard water can also shorten the life span of your washing machine.

Water that’s gentle on your skin and hair

Using double the amount of soap and shampoo to make it lather can have a detrimental effect on your skin and hair. The soap residue that’s left behind on your skin clogs the pores and can irritate the skin, making it itchy, flaky, and dry. You then spend more on creams and moisturisers to compensate.

Having a water softener allows you to use less soap and shampoo which is not only great for the environment but your skin too.

Kinetico products let you discover great taste in your water.

Designed for Convenience

From the easy-lift magnetic lid to the self viewing window, enjoy soft water without the hard work

Easy to maintain

Kinetico block salt is convenient to store, handle and load and comes in easy to carry, robust plastic bags

Compact design

One of the smallest water softeners on the market - the Premier Compact fits easily into the smallest of spaces

Designed around you

High Flow Rate

Soft water will always be delivered to you in peak times. We've ensured that our flow rates exceed the standard house hold use.

Twintank System

The twintank design provides soft water around the clock without you having to worry.

While one is regenerating, the other will be in full service until the time that they need to switch.


Operates using the power of moving water for greater reliability and easier installation. There are no power cables to plug-in, no meters or timers to set, no electronic components to corrode over time - and no electricity costs.

Metered Regeneration

Meters water use to accurately determine when it's time to regenerate with watch-like precision, resulting in less waste and greater savings. So when you go on holiday so does your water softener

eMax Technology

This innovative, non-electric two tank technology combines optimum efficiency and maximum performance to give an unparalleled level of limescale prevention.

Countercurrent Regeneration

Unlike most other water softeners our patented countercurrent backwash regenerates from the bottom up for more even and efficient use of the resin.

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What maintenance does it require? 

Adding salt to the machine is all the maintenance you'll have to do. You'll see the salt level gradually go down. When it's at a very low level, it's time to refill.

How much salt will I use?

It depends on how much water you use and how hard your water is, but on average we recommend one block per person per month.

How much does salt cost?
Is the Premier Compact noisy?

The Premier Compact has a "QuietDrive" technology which means they operate at low noise levels.

Will there be a pressure drop in the flow of water?

There are many factors in your home that may cause a pressure drop. However, a Kinetico water softener has been specifically designed not to affect the flow.

How long will my softener last?

Every Kinetico water softener goes through rigorous quality control checks before it leaves the factory. With an industry leading 10 year parts warranty, you are guaranteed years of trouble-free use. In fact, some of our softeners have been known to last for 35 years!

Will it clean off the limescale in my existing pipes?

This is not an instant process but over time soft water will remove the scale. A water softener should be an essential appliance for anyone moving into a new home to keep everything looking and running like new.


  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 219 x 468 x 498 mm

  • Minimum Flow Rate: 0.25 l /min (HE model)

  • Maximum Flow Rate: 51 l /min (HF model)

  • Regeneration Time: 11 mins

  • Regeneration Volume: 20.5 litres

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 6 bar



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