Packaging Free Block Salt! (10x Pairs of Blocks)


At Dorset Water Centre we are all about reducing the amount of waste we all throw away!
We belive we are the FIRST in the country to offer this product :-)
Package Free Block Salt comes to you absoulutly Plastic free!
Sold in Pairs of 4kg Blocks, just like the bags, but without the bags.

**Due to COVID 19 Delivery not available** Collection only**


If you are having this product delivered, please ensure you have a suitable weather proof container for us to place the blocks in!

Suitable for All block salt softeners. (Kinetico, Harvey, Monarch, Bwt etc.)

Conforms to EN 673 type A.

2x4kg blocks

NaCl 99%

Other Salts 0.1%

Insoluble Matters Trace.

We only deliver to the post codes in the drop down menu, delivery costs are included within this. If your postcode is not on the list, you can select "collection" and pick it up from our store. Selecting "collection" will mean that we will not deliver it even if you have selected standard shippng at check out.

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