K5 Pure Ultra

The very best in water purification. The ultimate drinking water system, so advanced it will deliver bio pure water, taking out 99.9% of impurities including bacteria and viruses. Suitable for those who demand the highest level of protection.

Key features:

  • Removes Bacteria

  • Removes Viruses

K5 Pure+

Perfectly pure water but with all the good minerals added back in. The K5 Pure+ Water Filter will remove all the impurities from your tap water. It also comes with a dedicated mineral plus filter, ensuring all the good minerals are put back in.

Key features:

  • Adds Calcium

  • Continous flow of water

K5 Pure

For those who demand the purest and the best. Designed with reverse osmosis filtration, the revolutionary system is so adavnced that it can remove nearly everything from your tap water that isn't water.

Key features:

  • EverClean Rinse cleans itself

  • Continous flow of water


The K2 uses a three-stage process to guarantee perfect water every time you turn your tap.

Key features:

  • Removes Limescale

  • Easy to replace cartridges


Delicious tasting water that is more cost effective than bottled water. Constantly buying bottled water? The AquaTaste is a great introduction to having pure, filtered drinking water.

Key features:

  • Reduce chlorine and sediment

  • Save money on bottled water


The premium water filter in the AquaRange with added protection for all the family. Ultra-filtered water with an extra level of protection. Reduce the risk of consuming chlorine, lead, compounds (VOC's) and cysts with the AquaGuard Drinking Water Filter.

Key features:

  • Delicious, ultra-filtered water

  • Reduced risk of consuming lead and pesticides


Reduces limescale and impurities in your water. Keep your kettle in pristine condition with this limescale reducing filter. Removes chlorine to improve water taste.

Key features:

  • Removes impurities

  • Improved taste, smell and colour

Essential Filter

The all-in-one filtered drinking water solution comes with a tap and improves taste and odour of water by reducing impurites from the mains such as chlorine and lead. Enjoy clean, great tasting water straight from the tap, perfect for households who care for their families and the environment.

Key features:

  • No need for bottled water

  • Save money and the environment


RO Lätt is the latest and most modern reverse osmosis equipment. Its careful design and versatility are designed to fit any home. RO Lätt combines a great capacity to produce pure water with a minimum amount of rejected water. This translates into great water savings and more sustainable operation.

Key features:

  • Sustainable

  • Great tasting water

Infinity RO System

The Infinity reverse osmosis equipment is the ideal equipment for the modern home. The best design, materials and configuration of elements make this machine one of the most modern in the market.

Key features:

  • Sustainable

  • Great tasting water

EcoWater RO375

The reverse osmosis drinking filter provides high-quality water for worry-free drinking or cooking.

Key features:

  • Twist on/off filter changes

  • pre/post carbon filters


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