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Aqua Scale

Aqua Scale Box

Kinetico's AquaScale filter is designed to minimise the limescale build-up on your food steamer, iron, and kettle, increasing the longevity of all of these appliances. The AquaScale water filter guarantees to produce great tasting filtered water, ideal for drinking and preparing food. Being far cheaper than bottled water, at only 3p per litre, makes it a perfect replacement for filter jugs and constantly buying bottled water. The filter can last up to a year, and Kinetico's unique "Twist & Lock" system allows for easy cartridge replacement when the time comes. The combination of a Resin and Carbon filter allows it to reduce the hardness, chlorine and amount of other contaminants in the water. The AquaScale filter does not require electricity to run, meaning it will not give way during any powercut, allowing you to breathe happy.

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