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Introducing the
ingenious Hydron!

Now you can enjoy
hydrogen-enriched water, full of
antioxidants, on demand.​

Hydrogenated water can help to counteract damage caused by free radicals including:

  • Premature ageing

  • Damage to the immune system

  • Osteoporosis

  • Muscle fatigue

  • Cystitis

Hydron, Hydrogen Water logo

With its great compact design, Hydron is made to take up as little space as possible in the kitchen. It offers several installation possibilities for you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Hydrogen is the chemical element with atomic number 1. It is the lightest of all elements and the most abundant in the universe, though not on the Earth. Hydrogen is quite common in nature in combination with other elements such as oxygen, carbon or nitrogen (it is a component of water, the human body, plant and animal organisms, etc.).

Hydron Product, Front.

What are free radicals?

Your body produces free radicals when processing food and reacting to the environment. These molecules lack an electron and so they want to find one as soon as possible. If your body doesn’t dispose of them efficiently, it can cause damage to your cells or DNA. Free radicals effectively “steal” an electron from the cell.

Which cellular damages may they trigger?

  • DNA damages (genetic).

  • Damage to the immune system.

  • Premature ageing.

  • Inflammatory conditions.

  • Other various illnesses.

According to numerous studies, consuming hydrogenated water helps improve more than 175 conditions including:

  • Wrinkles.

  • Cystitis.

  • Allergies of type 1.

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Recovery from smoke inhalation

  • Regulates and normalises the parameters of metabolic syndromes.

  • Gastric ulcer.

  • Post surgery recovery

  • Ulcerative colitis.

  • Erectile dysfunction.

  • Osteoporosis.

  • Muscle fatigue, particularly after sports.

  • Metabolic acidosis.

  • Asthma.

  • Neonatal hypoxia.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Sperm mobility.


1.5L of Hydrogenated water

40 Carrots

500 Apples

700 bananas

Three Glasses of Water

Installation Options

Boy getting water from a Hydron


On work surface option

Option A
Hydron can be installed on the work surface of your kitchen by connecting it to a high quality water network or a reverse osmosis unit.

Option B
It can also be installed with an electrical connection and a hydraulic supply by using a 3-litre glass bottle. This water may be osmosis water or bottled water with a very low mineralisation. Versatile and functional equipment means you will always have access to hydrogen-rich water (hydrogenated water) whenever you want it.

Hydron under the kitchen sink.

Below work surface option

Option C

No room on the work surface? Hydron + reverse osmosis in your 1, 2, 3 or 4-way tap. Meaning you will have access to hydrogen-rich, osmosis hot and cold water according to the tap installed.



Hydron Dimensions. With and without the resivour.
  • Dimensions (A x B x C): 148 mm x 360 mm x 360 mm

  • Dimension (D): 575 mm (Only Option B - Work surface top installation.)

  • Weight (in kg): 4.5 kg (empty)

  • Power supply: DC 24 V / 5 A

  • Working pressure (min. – max.): 1 bar–5 bar

  • Working temperature (min. – max): 5ºC–35ºC

  • TDS (min. – max): 10 ppm–150 ppm

  • Hardness (max.): < 10ºHF

  • Chlorine: chlorine-free.

Hydrogen Regeneration

Easy maintenance.

Redox potential
reduction (ORP).

It does not treat tap water.

Easy installation under
and over the sink

It treats filtered / RO / mineral water.

Person fixing a phone.


1. What are the beneficial effects from drinking hydrogen-rich water?
It acts as an antioxidant by counteracting the effects from free radicals.

2. How much water should we drink every day?
Healthy people should drink within 1 to 3 litres per day. It is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach and between meals.

3. Is it suitable for cooking?
It can be used without any problem, but when heated it quickly loses the hydrogen and all its antioxidant effects, therefore it is not recommended.

4. Can we consume hydrogen in excess?
Hydrogen evaporates over time and is expelled through the airway.

5. Can I use Hydron to hydrogenate any water?
No, it must be of a very low mineralisation or come from a reverse osmosis.

6. Can I use Hydron to hydrogenate milk, juices or other liquids?
No, the equipment would break down.

7. Can I hydrogenate cold water?
Yes, it actually improves hydrogen solubility

8. Can I store hydrogenated water in the fridge?
Yes, inside a stainless steel thermos flask, by filling all the available volume and without leaving any air chamber inside. Do not use any other type of containers, since hydrogen would get lost.

9. Does hydrogenated water taste different?
No, the taste and the odour remain the same.

10. Is Hydron a water purifier?
No, therefore we must use water suitable for human consumption with a very low mineralisation.

11. How long does it take for hydrogen to evaporate from hydrogenated water?
Within 1 and 2 hours in an open container. If stored in the fridge, inside a stainless thermos flask without any air chamber, it will last for several days.

12. Is there any contraindication to its consumption?
There is no contraindication to the consumption of hydrogenated water.

13. Can hydrogen replace other antioxidants?
It is recommended to supplement the antioxidant effects of hydrogen with a balanced Mediterranean diet.

14. Is hydrogen safe?
It is considered a food additive in the EU and it has been approved by the FDA. Our organism produces hydrogen from fibre in the intestine and, since 1945, it has been used in high concentrations without any problems for professional diving.

15. When were its benefits discovered for the first time?
Some records from 1798 have proved its anti-inflammatory effects.

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