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Technology Driven


Advanced Crystalisation Process (ACP)™

Advanced Technology with a proven record of scale control and corrosion protection. The ACP is Technology Driven and has been developed over many years by our Chemists and Engineers. 

Three ACP Products in different sizes.

How it works

At Advanced Hydro our team developed the Advanced Crystallisation Process (ACP)™. The ACP is an Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor (ESI) and is based on proven scientific knowledge and understanding. Electrolytic systems use a cathode and anode to release ions into the water stream. These ions act as the seed/nucleation point to keep the hardness minerals in suspension so that they harmlessly run to the drain.

Internals of an ACP
Cross Section of an ACP

Cathode body, precision engineered in high purity brass

Treated zinc ions which control scale and corrosion

Large diameter, high purity, slotted zinc anode

Inlet containing hard water minerals

Engineered, dry joint fit providing electrolytic action

Save huge amounts of money

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