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Additional Filters

  • Kinetico Premier

    The Kinetico Premier Ultra filter ensures you have crisp, clear, great tasting water from the tap.

  • EcoWater Eco Fresh

    The Eco Fresh water filter from EcoWater is a high quality Carbon / Phosphate filter which hyelps provide consistent filtering to your tap.

  • EcoWater HERO 385 Plus

    EcoWater's HERO 385 PLUS comes with all the innovations of the ERO 385, and also includes WiFi connectivity to make it easy to see if anything goes wrong.

  • EcoWater ERO 385

    The 385 ERO from EcoWater uses Reverse Osmosis to ensure you get the best quality drinking water from your tap for worry free drinking or cooking.


    The next generation in reverse osmosis filters. The LÄTT RO filter system will reject less water, increasing the efficiency of the machine, and polluting the environment less.

  • Essential Filter

    Kinetico's Essential filter removes impurities from your drinking water, giving you delicious water on tap.

  • K5 Pure Ultra

    All the benefits of the K5 Pure+, but with extra filters to make sure you get the very best of the K5 range.

  • K5 Pure+

    All the benefits of the K5 Pure with an additional mineral plus filter, making sure that the good stuff is put back in.

  • K5 Pure

    Kinetico's K5 Pure drinking water filter supplies great tasting water through the use of its reverse osmosis filter, which also removes bad odour and colour.

  • K2

    The Kinetico K2 filter system uses a reverse osmosis filter to significantly reduce the bad taste and odour, leaving you with great tasting drinking water.

  • Aqua Guard

    The best filtration in Kintetico's Aqua filter range. The AquaGuard guarantees delicious water through its highly efficient filter. The simple and economical design ensures that you will always have ultra-filtered water.

  • Aqua Scale

    Keep all your kitchen appliances in pristine condition with the AquaScale limescale removing water filter. Its simple, and easy to install design allows it to fit neatly under the kitchen sink. This filter helps produce clean, great tasting filtered water.

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