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Get cleaner clothes with less detergent.

Use less detergent and make your clothes last up to 20% longer just by introducing softened water into your household.

Compact Water softeners

Reliable, space-saving soft water systems

When space is at a premium, size matters. Our compact water softeners are perfect for small spaces and still give you all the benefits of premium softened water.

In fact, being the same size as two large washing tablet packets and using less salt than other water softeners, they'll be out sight and out of mind. 

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Compact Water Softeners
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Our Smart Technology

Every EcoWater eVolution water softener comes with an online dashboard where you can monitor your unit's performance and track your water usage on the mobile app.

Through your dashboard, not only can you can find out how much water you're using daily, weekly and monthly, but you can also access a report that tells you everything your machine has done since its installation.

Your online dashboard is also where you can set up and amend your alerts. If someone's left a tap running for too long, a flow monitor will let you know, while salt level alerts to your mobile device mean you don't have to keep checking your unit.

Powerful Large Home Water Softener

Having a large home doesn't mean you can't enjoy soft water

If your home is on the larger side, a small system might not cut it. But there's no need to worry - EcoWater has a water softener range designed specially for a large house.

A large water softener is as reliable and long-lasting as a compact one, but they come with the power to process a higher volume of water and higher flow rates.

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Large Home Water Softeners
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Easy Cleaning

With fewer abrasive minerals, soft water keeps your house cleaner with fewer sprays and chemicals. Say goodbye to streaky windows and hello to sparkling worktops with minimal effort on your part.

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Reliable Water Softeners

An EcoWater water softener is a long-term investment. Your water softener will go the distance with your family and add to your quality of life. Even better, it's up to 50% cheaper to run compared to a basic block salt softener.

At EcoWater Systems, reliability is everything. We've been manufacturing domestic water softeners since 1925, and our range is made using 95% of our own components in our ISO9001 quality-controlled, state-of-the-art facilities.


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