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Nexus Resolve Water Softener

Nexus Resolve

Nexus provides perfect soft water throughout your home. Performance, reliability and water saving all in one succinct package.

High flow rate

The Nexus Resolve is always ready to deliver soft water throughout the home.

Compact Design

Within the smallest 20% of our water softener range!

Low Salt Usage

A low salt usage saves you money in the long run and makes the Nexus Resolve more affordable.


4 Year Warranty

Rest easy with a four-year parts warranty for the Nexus Resolve and Nexus Resolve Xtra

The Quality of Life Benefits

The Nexus Resolve and Nexus Resolve Xtra will help you save money on your cleaning bills by providing soft, lime-free water to your home.

Appliances ran via the Nexus Resolve water softener will live for 30% longer on average!

Hair becomes soft and smooth when cleaned with softened water from the Nexus Resolve. This is due to the removal of mineral deposits.

Folding soft water cleaned ironed clothes
cooking spaghetti with soft water

The Saving Benefits

Nexus water softeners can help you save a lot of money over its lifetime. In fact, the people over at Nexus have calculated that their water softeners save over £850 per year!

In our financial climate, we often worry about our savings, but with Nexus worry no more. Water Softeners from Nexus cost only a few pounds per year to run.

The Nexus Resolve and Nexus Resolve Xtra eliminate the 25% drop in efficiency that comes with scale build-up. You, and your household appliances can rest easy.

Nexus Resolve Water Softener

Nexus Resolve

Nexus Resolve Xtra Water Softener

Nexus Resolve Xtra

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