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Reliable | Affordable | Efficient

Made with Recycled Material

The WaterBoy is made with recycled material. You can also send the WaterBoy back to us at the end of its life and we will recylce it for you.

Recycled Material ready for re-use

Designed By Expert Installers

The electronic valve stores a multitude of data and uses proportional brining, which reduces water usage and reduces the amount of salt needed per regeneration. The 12 volt low voltage valve as the ability to find leaks in your home, and will remind you when the service is due.

Choose your size


10L Variant

Perfect for 2-4 people in a household.

Litres per Regeneration: 1600L (at Avg. Dorset hardness)
Salt Type: Tablet
Requires Electricty
Height: 500mm
Width: 270mm
Depth: 480mm

*warranty available as subscription only.

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