Industrial Pipes

The best alternative to a water softener in the UK

AquaBion Cleaning Mechanism

Self Cleaning

Specific swirling chambers using specially formed swirling elements made of stainless steel support the principle and the self-cleaning effect.

AquaBion Sacrificial Nodes

Sacrificial Nodes

Zinc sacrificial anode functions as a galvanic element, in order to turn the aggressive limescale into neutral, non-adhering lime.

A group of AquaBions in different sizes.

One Technology

Nearly all our competitors use lots of different technologies. You have to ask your self why? Aquabion believes its method is the best-known method for conditioning the water.


Potential Difference

As water passes through the Aquabion electrolyte, it creates a potential difference.

AquaBion Metal Housing

Metal Housing

A special brass housing is made for the Aquabion and is resistance up to 16 bar allowing almost universal application

Man servicing an AquaBion

7 Year Warranty

What more could you ask for? Any time your Aquabion breaks, we can come out and fix it.

The science

Chemical Exchange performed by the AquaBion

What is different with Aquabion is that it operates without electricity, chemicals or magnets. The agitators up and downstream agitate the water causing the self-cleaning function of the units themselves. Aquabion is not perfect but will efficiency stop 95% of limescale from hard damaging deposits.

Aquabion Mini


Mini's are mainly used for appliances and showers to help prevent limescale. Using the same technology as the larger ones, these can fit into places that the other can't, making this the perfect solution for that streaky shower screen.


Fast Install

Thumbs Up

3 year warranty


Maintenance free

Down Cheveron

30% reduction in detergent use


Take it with you when moving house


Big reduction in limescale build up

AquaBion Product

Domestic Products


Aquabions are a great way to reduce limescale. Home owners within hard water areas know how frustrating limescale is yet financially can do nothing about it. We're here to change that by having an affordable option that lasts for 7 years. 


Unaffected by time

Person Relaxing

7 years of limescale free relaxation

Rubber gloves

Spend less time cleaning

Chemical Flask

A lot fewer chemicals used which is great for your skin


Reduces the amount of money spent on repairing appliances

Happy Face

Stay happy that you can still drink the same water that is conditioned

Commercial Products


Need something bigger? Aquabion does large scale water conditioners that are built for heavy duty tasks and can be a much cheaper solution than a commercial water softener. 


Sudden mechanical failures due to limescale are majorly reduced.


Save money as energy bills are reduced


Preventing Legionella is made easy 


No more limescale reducing the flow of your water

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