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The first truly eco-friendly water filter.

At Dorset Water Centre, we have been looking for a more sustainable way for our customers to filter water.

Most water filter cartridges continue to be completely unrecyclable and end up in landfill, whist some of them are able to filter 6000 ltrs of water replacing 12000 500ml bottles of water, there is still the filter cartridge at the end of it's life to dispose of.

This is where The Water Boy's range of iXwater filters comes in.

The Water Boy's iXwater filters are the first truly eco-friendly water filter,

Proudly made and recycled in Britain.

iXwater offers insert refill technology to provide a genuinely sustainable and cost effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters already in the market place.

For use on coffee machines, water coolers, ice machines, vending machines, catering applications and for you at home, to replace your under sink filter system, filter jug, your fridge filter and even your scale control system on a boiling water tap.

At the end of the life of the filter, we can come to you to change your filter cartridge and take it away with us for recycling or you can return the used filter cartridge to us directly.

The filter cartridge is then returned to the factory separated.

Any scale reduction resin is regenerated, the plastic is then recycled and turned into a new filter system, cartridge or even a Water Boy water softener cabinet!

From Today, we will be offering ALL our filter customers the option to change to

The Water Boy's Eco friendly iXwater system.

For more information, or to request a visit from us to talk filtration

Call 01305 265548

Or Visit us

Unit H4, Roman Hill Business Park, Broadmayne, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 8LY

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