Kinetico Essential Water Softener

Kinetico Essential Water Softener

Fits neatly in a kitchen cupboard	Suitable for up to 2 bathrooms	Non-electric operation for greater reliability	2 year warranty The Essential Softeners are the perfect cross between the maximum demands in flows, benefits and the needs of modern homes, where space is essential.Designed according to the requirements of installers and professionals in the water treatment sector, Essential Softeners have the highest technology that facilitates installation and maximizes reliability. The new Essential valve , manufactured in Noryl, is totally hydraulic and works without electricity. The Direct Acces system facilitates its programming and guarantees a correct start-up.The Essential softener range incorporates the revolutionary Saving Regen system. This work technology makes the equipment capable of saving salt and water. The most modern decalcification technology applied to Essential . The Essential 8 water softener is designed for home and commercial applications. The Essential softener  respect spaces and are capable of producing rapid regenerations thanks to their SPEED REGEN system. In addition, the High Flow  Essential HIGH FLOW system prepares the equipment to cover 100% the needs of homes and commercial facilities.Bypass series: The bypass ensures that the user can choose the water according to their needs. It also incorporates a hardness mixer.Easy access tank: The accessibility of the salt tank allows the use of block salt or tablets in the same equipment.Easy access lid design: The design of the Essential softeners makes it easy to install and maintain to minimize costs Price quoted excludes fitting kit and/or installationFor your unique quotation specifically for your home please contact us here.T&C's apply. Essential 8 System components: vessel size: (1) 2O3 x 33O mm. Total volume: 7.4 l. Type of load: Monosphere resin with Fine Mesh granulometry high flow.Resin volume: 7.4 l. Depth of the bed: Compact. Type of programmer: Accudial regulable. Type of meter: Polypropylene turbine. Type of regeneration: Countercurrent.Input water quality: Working pressure (min - max): 2.5 - 8.6 bar. Dynamic pressure Working temperature (min - max): 2 - 5O ºC. Working pH (min. - max.): 5 - 1O. Maximum free chlorine: 1 ppm. Maximum hardness: 600 PPMJob specifications: WORK FLOW *: 1.8 m3 / h. Rated peak flow *: 2.1 m3 / h. System configuration: Simplex. Weight (working / shipping): 45 kg / 15 kg.Connections:Entry / Exit: Noryl 3/4 "Male bypass.Drain: 1/2 "tube. Brine aspiration: 3/8 "tube (internal). Overflow: 5/8 "tube.Salttank: Tank type: Compact Essential 8 . Salt capacity: 24 kg in tablet, 16 kg in block.Regeneration specifications: Water consumed: 25 l. Duration: 15 minutes.

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