The tap that does it all


The only Quooker tap to come with a flexible, pull-out hose. It dispenses boiling, hot, and cold water. With the Quooker CUBE it is able to dispense chilled and sparkling water. The Flex may never dispense boiling water while the hose is extended, which makes it 100% safe.

Quooker taps are well insulated providing a boundary between you and the boiling water. This is perfect for when you want to rotate the tap to fill a large saucepan full of boiling water.

Finishes Available

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Quooker Tanks

A Quooker system consists of a tap on the worktop and a tank in the cupboard underneath. There are three different tanks to choose from. The choice of tank depends on the situation in your kitchen.

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The Quooker tank with three litres of capacity. This tank serves the majority of family households and sits neatly under the kitchen sink.

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Tech Specs
Dimensions (cm): 42 x 15 x 15
Capacity (L): 3