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Aqua Guard

Aqua Guard Box

A 1 micron block carbon filter reduces chlorine, pesticides, lead and cysts. This means the AquaGuard produces ultra-filtered water, and at 2.84 l/min, it provides a constant stream of delicious water suitable for drinking or cooking. The AquaGuard filter is independently tested and certified to CSA standard B483.1, meaning there is an extremely low chance of consuming lead. The MacGuard™ prevents any unfiltered water from being dispensed, guaranteeing that only ultra-filtered water is dispensed by the Kinetico AquaGuard. The AquaGuard does not require electricity, though it can still show when a cartridge needs replacing due to the PureMometer® display. The cartridge will last anywhere between nine months and one year, and it is recommended that it be replaced annually. Have peace of mind knowing that your water is safe through a Kinetico AquaGuard filter.

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