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Aqua Taste

Aqua Taste Box

The AquaTaste filter is a great introduction to home, filtered drinking water. The Kinetico AquaTaste filter rids of the burdens of filter jugs and bottled water with its simple, easy and economical design. An AquaTaste filter is far more cost effective than bottled water, and its flow rate of 3.75 l/min ensures that there will be a constant flow of delicious tasting water. It fits right under the kitchen sink, and changing the filter is no worry too because of the unique "Twist & Lock" system. Every Kinetico AquaTaste filter is fitted with a MacGuard™ to prevent unfiltered water from being dispensed from the tap, meaning that you can have peace of mind that the AquaTaste is performing as it should. When a cartridge needs replacing, the PureMometer® will let you know via an indicator. AquaTaste filters have been certified to NSF International Standard 42, which means it even removes non-health-related contaminants, unlike other carbon filters. The AquaTaste can go on and on with a 1850 litre capacity through a 5 micron carbon filter, helping improve the taste, smell and colour of the water dispensed. For an average family of four, the Kinetico AquaTaste filter is expected to last nine months to a year.

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