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Packaging Free Block Salt! (10x Pairs of Blocks)

About Us

Dorset Water Centre is a small family run business. Tom is the Managing Director with multiple years of experience as a Plumber and an Engineer at Dorset Water Centre. 

Lester is Sales and Service and you will meet him in our office most days. Ryan is Tom's son and is responsible for the construction of this website. You will see him in our offices on a Saturday. 


We sell, service and repair water softeners and drinking water systems.

We also provide tablet and block salt, filters for fridges and drinking systems and hard to find plumbing parts not easily available in your local merchants. We offer an efficient delivery service throughout the local area.

Our business history stretches right back to 1977, to Rex Rossiter who started WaterWise in Sherborne.

Our main activities centre on domestic water supplies, but we also have many commercial customers.

For customers on mains water, for example water supplied by Wessex Water, our main purpose is to either eliminate limescale or chlorine, but some customers have problems with lead pipes and we can also filter this out. Some of our rural customers have private water supplies, usually from boreholes. We can remove limescale and also advise on iron removal, Ph correction and treatment of magnesium, lead, bacteria, etc.

We also believe in reducing waste where ever possible, some of our drinking systems can replace 12,000 plastic bottles, and furthermore we have just launched package free Block salt being the first retailer to do so!


Where are we?

Unit 9

Pomeroy Buildings

Grove Trading Estate



Mon-Fri: 08:00 - 16:00

Sat: 09:00 - 14:00

You will see us on the main road as you come into the estate

Dorset County Show


7th & 8th September 


We'll give you the benefits of water softeners in person.


“Having had a bad experience with my previous water softener after only 6 years use, I was reluctant to install another one. However the build up of limescale was soon indicating that a new one was needed. Calling for advice from Dorset Water Centre I was reassured that a Kinetico softener would suit my needs. It was fitted promptly and efficiently, the water is softer than ever and the limescale has disappeared.”

Hilary Cox, Dorset County Councillor

“Responded quickly to enquiry. Thorough investigation into work needed. Timely and professional in all work undertaken”

Wendy, Dorset


 Filtered Water 

 Soft Water 



Tel: 01305 265548

Email: tom@dorset-water.co.uk

Unit 9 Pomeroy Buildings

Grove Trading Estate



Dorset Water Centre supplies, installs and delivers to the entire of Dorset, South Somerset and parts of adjacent counties. This includes BH16, BH19, BH20, BA8, BA9, BA21, BA22, TA10, TA13, TA14, TA17, TA18, TA19, TA20, SP5, SP7, SP8 and EX13.

If your unsure that we cover you, contact us

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