Showroom and Shop Re-Open!

Unit H4, Roman Hill Business Park,

Broadmayne, Dorchester,

Dorset DT2 8LY


Block Salt and

Tablet Salt

Runnning out of salt for your water softener? We've got you covered.


Quooker, Instant Boiling Water

The tap that does it all. No more time wasted waiting for hot water and boiling water comes with push of a button.


Advanced Hydro,

ACP Range

Advanced technology with a proven track record of scale control. The water conditioner that fits anywhere.


Premier Compact Water Softener

Kinetico's #1 selling water softener. The compact design allows it to fit under your kitchen sink with ease.


Drinking Water Systems

Tired of poor tasting water? Change the taste to your preference with a drinking water system.



Take your athletic ability to the next level. 


EcoWater Water Softener

Automation is key. Control your water softener straight from your mobile device with an EcoWater.


Aquabion, Water Conditioning System

The next best alternative to a water softener. Inserted straight into the main pipes to protect you from limescale.

About Us

Dorset Water Centre is a small, local family run business.

Tom is the Managing Director with multiple years of experience as a Retailer, Plumber and an Engineer at Dorset Water Centre. 

James is our mobile installation and service engineer, Lester is Sales and Service and you will meet him in our office most days. On a Saturday you will usually see Blake, who is Tom's son. Ryan (also Tom's son) is responsible for the construction of this website. 

Graham and Heather (Tom's mum and Dad) Look after the Finance side and organise the shows you'll see us at!

 You'll even see Tom's youngest son on our quotation forms!


We sell, install, service and repair water softeners and drinking water systems suitable for Domestic, Industrial and Commercial applications. 

We also provide tablet and block salt, filters for fridges and drinking systems and hard to find plumbing parts not easily available in your local merchants. We offer an efficient delivery service throughout the local area.

Our business history stretches right back to 1977, to Rex Rossiter who started WaterWise in Sherborne.

Our main activities centre on domestic water supplies, but we also have many commercial customers.

For customers on mains water, for example water supplied by Wessex Water, our main purpose is to either eliminate limescale or chlorine, but some customers have problems with lead pipes and we can also filter this out. Some of our rural customers have private water supplies, usually from boreholes. We can remove limescale and also advise on iron removal, pH correction and treatment of magnesium, lead, bacteria, etc.

We also believe in reducing waste where ever possible, some of our drinking systems can replace 12,000 plastic bottles!