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Dorset Water Centre and Kinetico

A multi decade partnership!

From Left to right- a 1977 Mini Kinetic, 1987 Compak, 2000 Block Salt Softener and 3 Kinetico 2020c's, two with optional colour inserts form 2002/3 on display in our warehouse!

At Dorset Water Centre, we have been selling Kinetico Water Softeners since the 80's!

Longer than anyone else in Dorset and up there with some of the very earliest established independent Water softener specialists in the country. Kinetico invented the non-electric twin-tank valve over 45 years ago, with the first generation being sold as the Mini Kinetic, this continued to be sold right up till 2013!

Dorset water centre and Kinetico at the Dorset County Show 2013

We are one of the biggest dealers in the country for Kinetico.

Over multiple decades, we have found the Kinetico machines to be outstandingly reliable, we have even have found late 70s machines still in service and still producing soft water as well as the day they were installed.

A Kinetico twin cylinder softener, in a fish tank, underwater. Still working!!

We have installed Kinetico machines in every town and Village across Dorset and South Somerset, with many thousand happy customers, your neighbours may even have one!

The Latest generation, Kinetico Premier Compact comes with a 10 Year parts Warranty, easy lift magnetic lid, Quiet Drive and is more efficient with it's salt usage than the previous generation.

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